Naval Aviation is more than just TOP GUN style cool low flybys.

In a world that is going faster and faster, why not take advantage of supersonic and combat proven methods? 


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French-Canadian, “ATE” is a former athlete and fighter pilot turned Keynote Speaker Consultant and Airline Pilot.

Flying fighter aircraft from aircraft carriers in the French Navy for over a decade, he had what you might call an intense career.
After graduation as an exchange officer from the US Navy naval aviator curriculum he went back to France.

• He is the only Canadian Citizen that flew on the Rafale Navy and Super-Etendard.

• He flew day and night combat operations in Iraq - displayed in airshows in Europe in front of 110 000 people and instructed the new generation.

• With over 2500 hours of flight time and 200 carrier landings he flew numerous combat missions providing support to troops (including Canadians) on the ground.

• During his career he faced emergencies - had to take life or death decisions and led young pilots into combat. He earned the cross for military valor for his actions in combat.

• For his last flight in the service he flew over Vimy memorial in France.

Pilot for Air Canada “ATE” suffered a stroke at 31 and was forced out of the cockpit for a year.

He decided to adapt the methods he used to survive in fast jets with the corporate world as a Keynote Speaker Coach and Consultant. He also started his own company in the UK: Mach 3 Management.

In 2019, he spoke at TEDx Toulouse and for 42 companies like Nespresso, Bradesco, Safran, Ariane Group, Gilead, American Express as well as British and French Business schools and universities.

He uses Virtual Reality flight simulators in some of his high Executive workshops. It enables them to get out of their comfort zone and learn a lot about themselves, leadership and communication in just a couple hours.

His business book -  D.BRIEF -  is foreworded by ENI France head of HR. 

Former world class competitor, he holds a strong expertise in mental preparation, communication and stress management.

ATE” raced in three world championships:

  •  Precision flying,
  • Long distance triathlon,
  • Short distance duathlon
  • Won the US OPEN triathlon in 2008.

Father of three - they live between Provence, Normandy, London and Toronto.

He flew aerobatics with his oldest daughter when she was five, and she loved it.

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You can see him interviewed about aviation or defense on CTV

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You won't find any other pilot with such a multicultural background:

Multilingual and multicultural:

● Born in France: French and Canadian dual citizen

● First school on a Royal Air Force base in the UK

● Three different sports up to world championships

● Flew solo at 15 years old, had 173 skydiving jumps by 16.

French Navy officer, Expert Instructor, Combat proven:

● Trained in the USA by the US Navy during 26 months

● US navy and French navy omnirole fighter pilot

● Rafale head instructor and Subject Matter Expert

● Airshow pilot and leader of the tactical display team

● Combat-proven and decorated

US, European and Canadian airline pilot

● Airline pilot for Air Canada

● Entrepreneur in the UK

● TEDx and international keynote speaker

● Lives in the South of France, works everywhere

The perfect mix of:

● Europe and North America,

● Military, sport and commercial aviation experience

● Entrepreneurship

● Resilience

                                                                      READY FOR TAKE-OFF ?


In aeronautics the human factor is what ultimately makes the difference.

From landing on a boat at night in a storm to leading a young wingman in combat or in front of a crowd of 110.000 people in an airshow, failure is not an option.

During World War Two, more than 16000 US Navy and Marines Corps aircrew died in their aircraft.

More than 2/3 due to non enemy related accidents.

Aviation was deemed dangerous – and the industry accepted it.

The mindset wasn’t proactive: it was passive.

In the 1980’s we realized how powerful our mindset and culture really are and we took actions.

It started a culture shift and changed our methods: It transformed our industry.

Flying became safer than ever.

exponential world

In our fast changing, stressful world people tend to underestimate what “exponential growth” really means, and how it will affect them.

Working in an exponential supersonic environment fighter pilots have developed extremely reliable methods that have proven to be useful in personal development and in the corporate world.

It took “ATE” a stroke, a forced step back from his busy flying schedule, to realize that all the lessons learned in the cockpits could help not only companies but also other people perform better, lead, follow  and reach their goals.

It started with a TEDx, ideas worth spreading, 42 keynotes followed in 2019 over three continents…

Ready for takeoff ?



You can’t just copy and paste exactly what pilots do in their cockpits.

Just like pilots, your business and your industry faces unique challenges on a daily basis.

Starting a business in the UK while receiving coaching from successful CEO’s really made a difference for “ATE”.

To organize of his toughts, “ATE” started working on a book: “D.BRIEF-Achieving success in an exponential world supersonic leadership and followership” in 2018.

It is a guide designed to help managers take advantage of aviation methods tailored to their constraints.

Step by step it became easier to address issues faced beyond the cockpit; and have a real impact.

What really defines a fighter pilot or an airline captain is his mindset.

ATE” goal is to make people understand that they all wake up every morning in charge of their own “single seat high performance jet”: themselves.

Will they take the controls?



We brainstormed, experimented and D.BRIEFED a lot to make sure we deliver the biggest impact possible.

Our methods and concept are not only well understood but also used afterwards, giving the event the best R.O.I possible.

We currently offer several services worldwide:

  ● Keynotes

  ● Interactive keynotes (with volunteers in virtual reality)

  ● Masterclasses with or without virtual reality

  ● Incentive 

Contact us would you want more information on our other services:

  ● Leadership retreats

  ● Coaching

  ● Online and e-training

  ● Consulting

  ● Custom events (Sales Team – Kick off…)

Just like every flight is different, we see every single assignment as unique.

We will make sure we understand what your precise objectives are.

You can count on us to be fully aligned with what we call your “mission objective”.


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Keynotes can be performed in: french or english

Beyond the cockpit.

  • Discover what “exponential” really means - how fast the world is changing and how fighter pilots methods can help you keep up.
  • Switch to a continuous improvement mindset.
  • Create value everyday with your team and turn D.briefing into a habit.
  • Take control of your mindset and apply the step by step methodology.


- You will make mistakes: Aim at mitigating their impacts and D.brief to improve.

- No TEAM: no lasting performance.

- Mindset is key: Protect it.

- You are in control and responsible of your own single seat jet.


Turn stress into an ally.

Landing on a boat at night is stressful. So is getting shot at in combat.

  • Learn the technics used by fighter pilots to perform at their best and take good decisions everyday on the battlefield.
  • Discover Simple breathing technics and the mindset behind high performance at 50.000 feet.

This keynote focuses on mental preparation and anticipation and the audience will leave with tools that they can apply right away in their everyday life.


- Breathing technics and exercise to calm down, focus.

- You will be stressed: be prepared.

- Turn anxiety into fuel to prepare efficiently.

- Turn being prepared into a habit.

Supersonic leadership and followership.

Let’s link:

  • A cavalry charge,
  • The tour de France,
  • A fighter pilot squadron
  • Our audience

Around leadership, leading and achieving performance together.

In a combat patrol the job of the followers, the wingmen, is extremely difficult.

Let’s look at the flight leaders and wingmen golden rules and how they can help in the corporate world.


- There are four leaderships styles: detect them and make sure your team adapts to unforeseen changes.

- Identify your area of inflexibility and lead by example enforcing it.

- You only have a given number of leadership points per day: use them wisely.

- Your workload will influence your communication efficiency.

Get them flying.

From your industry to the flight line. Bring the “why” to your employees

This is a custom keynote tailored to the audience industry. The goal is to share with them the life of the “end user” of their work.

It is Perfect for tech – military or aviation related industries.


- Your work matters and people lives depend on it.

- Your products work very well and the end user trusts you.

- Discover how the product of your work is really used in the sky.

- Thank you for bringing us back every single flight.

 ● TOP GUN.  

Top Gun 2 will be released in 2020.

Let’s create a unique event that link your themes to the movie and/or naval aviation.

It’s all about performance, competition, resilience, and team work

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 Put high level executives, a board of directors or managers together  in a room with virtual reality flight simulators and a combat-proven instructor.

 Identify key areas you want them to work on:

                 - Communication,

                 - Workload management,

                 - Stress management,

                 - Leadership,

                 - Followership,

                 - Teamwork....

● Have "Até" create a scenario tailored to their needs and have them fly several fighter aircraft from an aircraft carrier in order to provide humanitarian relief.

● It is a campaign, every action will affect the group in real-time, and yes, you can fly formation or get shot at... 

 D.brief as a group between every mission, improve the process, make these fighter pilots methods yours.


● After the final D.brief, discuss how to translate these methods to your current position

and you survived a masterclass with the best R.O.I possible.



Media & event planners

"Até"'s goal is to be easy to work with, and always go the extra mile


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Mach 3 management

"Até"'S concept adapts to your SPECIFIC needs & budget

With specialists in:

  • Sales,
  • Stress management 

Mach 3 Management consultants all have one common point: they meet "Até" standards and  deliver a performance inspired by their military, sport or aviation background.

Give us a call or e-mail us now:


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Apply the principle of fighter pilots in your personal and professional life.









Open any page, and start comparing what you do with what you could do.



We all wake-up every morning at the controls of our own jet.




Act as pilot in command.






“Like an "op mode", D.BRIEF prepares us for the flight like a coach.
 "ATE" helps us trace our flight plan.

Simple, pragmatic, efficient and effective, D.BRIEF projects you towards your center of push to find your center of gravity as a leader!“

Nathalie Monin - Head of HR-  ENI Gas and Power France




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